You can be one of the Sages of the Ark if you can answer the questions that Moosie, Captain Wolf and Camel ask. You only get one chance to answer each question. To make the game fair and fun for everybody, you have to register first, so that the more clever boys and girls won't be able to go and find out the right answers, play again and become a Sage unfairly. Your e-mail address won’t be shown to anyone - we only need it to tell the players apart. You score points in the course of the game: one point for correct answers to Moosie’s questions, two for Captain Wolf’s, and a whole three points for the questions that Camel asks. You can only reach the other levels starting from the first level. If you want to stop and have dinner when you’re halfway through the game and then come back, remember your e-mail address and password. You’ll find out how you did when you finish the third level.

The best results will be published on the .«Sages of the Ark» page.

Good luck!

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